You have the adventure of a lifetime coming up – study abroad! It is a wonderful, life-changing experience, so you want to be ready for it.

This series of lessons will help you do just that. It focuses on everyday situations that you will encounter soon after arriving in Russia and helps you to become familiar, so you will be more ready for them when they happen in Russia.

The lessons were created with students in mind who have completed 1-2 years of study of Russian, but the focus of the lessons is getting you comfortable with everyday situations in Russia. It does include some exercises related to language, but most of the exercises are centered around the cultural and the practical.

You can watch this video about the lesson series, and then feel free to jump into the lessons.

The lessons won an award – Michigan State University Instructional Technology Awards: Best Technology-Enhanced Course. Click on the award logo to learn more about the prize.

Or click below to read an article about the lessons:

Russian Professor Receives AT&T Instructional Technology Award of Excellence

Lessons were made with the support of Michigan State University’s Center for Language Teaching Advancement and Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages.